Living Room Setup

Living Room Layout Plan – How To Create The Core Area Of The Family

Living Room Setup

Living room layout plan - how to create the core area of the family

The core area of a home is the place where the family stays together and promotes family affection. The living room and dining room often serve as this function.

Watch TV in the living room, entertain friends, chat, read, and in addition it doubles as a home office, children’s playroom or even a dining room.

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Living Room Setup / 01

Symmetrical Balance

Two small sofas or chairs facing each other, with a coffee table in the middle of the sofa, from which you can easily see the TV.

Symmetrical and balanced layout is not only reflected in the symmetry of furniture, but generally single chairs, table lamps, and decorations will also maintain a symmetrical form to make the space more closely connected.

Living Room Setup

Living Room Setup / 02

Laziness and Leisure

Under the common combination of sectional sofa + coffee table, the space with modern chaise longue exudes laziness and relaxation, making the home space more casual.

Living Room Setup / 03

work and living spaces

That is, the combined layout of living room + office. The sofa is placed on the side, and the desk is placed next to or along the wall to create an integrated design of bookcase + desk, which meets the needs of family life, and also meets the needs of working or studying at home.

Living Room Setup / 04

family friendly

Half of the space is a fully open sectional sofa + coffee table, and the other half is a children’s play area, providing children’s play and toy storage space. This layout allows children to have free play space at home, and parents can better participate in the process of children’s happy growth.

Living Room Setup / 05

separate dining area

This is a combination of living and dining room layout. The sofa is placed with its back to the dining table, so that the living room and the dining room are visually independent and connected to each other, and the overall space has a more sense of design.

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